2017 Special Focus - Learning Cities

The promise of e-learning is to make learning ubiquitous. There are several layers in this promise. One is to make formal learning accessible beyond its traditional sites of geo-location. Historically, these were cities, large and sometimes small. Another layer is to extend the range of informal learning—just in time, in just the right place, just when needed—hence, the range of self-help courses, training programs, and embedded, on-the-fly learning opportunities in online environments. What does this mean for cities? Will “smart cities” still dominate the educational environment in the digital era? Or will spatial geolocation be displaced by “virtual cities” where teachers, learners, platform developers, and instructional designers work collaboratively across extraurban virtual space? In this conference, researchers, teachers, and designers will explore these questions. And importantly, to what extent are these practices extensions of legacy pedagogies and institutional forms? Or do they foreshadow radical disruption?

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