The Affinity of Micro-Credentials & Granular Learning Analytics

  • 2016-01-07
  • Medium

The growth of alternative education and training providers (micro-credentials) continues. Companies like Udemy, Udacity, Codecademy,Fulbridge and General Assembly appear to be settling in for the long run and are expected to be a significant component of the expanding learning eco-system for adults. (See my post on the subject from January 2014, here.)

Critics are beginning to ask how these alternative providers should fit into the regulatory and loan systems — questions raised by Andrew Kelly and Michael Horn in a very useful report, “Moving Beyond College: Rethinking Higher Education Regulation for an Unbundled World“.

Horn and Kelly define these providers as evidence of the unbundling of higher education. Colleges and universities bring together a wide range of services under one roof: learning, research, housing, career services, social networking, credentialing and more. In contrast, the alternative providers offer a relatively specific value set — courses on Ruby on Rails, or digital marketing techniques, or verification of skills, for example.

Image Credit: Jay Mantri