2019 Recipients

Jenny Wong

Jenny Wong

School of Business & Social Sciences and School of Pre-University Studies , KDU University College, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Her passion is to educate the young minds and to drive changes to the education ecosystem. Jenny has more than 20 years of experiences and currently is the Head of School of Business & Social Sciences and School of Pre-University Studies in a higher learning institution in Malaysia. Her research interest is in the area of emotional intelligence (EQ) which focuses on striking the balance between a range of actors including learners and educators; especially to better engage the minds in the vigorous learning environment which subsequently humanize and improve the education ecosystem. Her research on EQ is not limited to education spectrum but to different areas/specialization which promote trans-disciplinary research that promote new concepts, methodologies, creativity that move beyond the boundaries of each area/specialization to provide solutions to common problems.

Patience Kelebogile Nkalane

Patience Kelebogile Nkalane

Lecturer, College of Education, Department of Curriculum and Instructional studies, University of South Africa, South Africa

Ms Patience Kelebogile Nkalane, is a Lecturer in the College of Education, Department of Curriculum and Instructional studies at the University of South Africa. She is a PHD candidate focusing on alternative eassessment in higher education. Her research interests include teacher development in teaching Economic and Management Sciences, distance education and technology enhanced learning.

Kimberley Williams

Kimberley Williams

Instructor, Culvershouse College of Business, The University of Alabama, AL, USA

I’m Kimberley Williams, the undergraduate course instructor for Business Communication at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. I have eight years of experience in higher education as a part-time and full-time undergraduate instructor. I have the responsibility and pleasure of teaching my favorite courses which are inter-personal professional communication, inter-cultural communication, and business communication.

My passion for teaching began in 2010 in my Master of Arts graduate program as a teaching assistant for a public speaking course. It is in this role that I realized that I had a desire for teaching and wanted to pursue it as a career. Throughout my teaching career I have had the opportunity to develop and re-design two main courses in Business Communication and Inter-cultural Communication. Both developments have allowed me to tailor the content to include elements that offer students greater interaction and engagement. With these developments I was able to create a learning environment that prompted students to think more critically and analyze the content provided at a higher level of application.

As a course instructor, I have three core principles that I express to my students on the first day of class. These principles are communication, collaboration, and reciprocity, and they all work in tandem. I want students to feel that we are working with each other, not me working for them, nor them working for me. The principle of reciprocity, as a byproduct respect, is developed from this notion of collaboration.

As a current full time doctoral student in the Higher Education Administration program at The University of Alabama my research interests are in the areas of online teaching and learning, online course development, and online pedagogy. It is through this research that I hope to foster greater communication and creation of course content in both the online and face to face environment.

I am a Jamaican native with a love for all sports. Track and field, however, is my favorite athletic sport as I was a collegiate athlete for five years at the University of Alabama. I have traveled throughout the Caribbean, China, and Japan and I hope to visit Europe very soon.

Naima Bial Minhas

Naima Bial Minhas

Assistant Professor, Balochistan University of IT, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS), Beleli, Balochistan

Naima Bial Minhas, pioneer of Human Library Sessions in Pakistan and founder of Poetry Recitation Competition on Pakistani English Poets is author of six fiction books, the most recent being a collection of short stories from Balochistan Takatu Nights & Other Stories. Minhas is currently working as Assistant Professor at Balochistan University of IT, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) at Beleli, Balochistan. Minhas practices projects of E- learning, Digital Humanities and Creative writing in Balochistan. She has to date presented her research at seven conferences and has chaired three literary conferences. Her recent research discerns practices to use internet for education, making connections and conducting poetry recitation competitions. She has been conducting online poetry recitation competitions, e-lectures and e-seminars. Her focus is to impart international standard education to war on terror struck areas of Balochistan minimizing cost and maximizing audience in which she is trend setter. Last year Minhas presented her research at Digital Humanities Australia 2018 held at University of Adelaide where she presented a single story through twelve digital mediums. Minhas has also introduced iconoclast workshops in Balochistan academia on topics diverse as Past and Future for Pakistani Writers in the genre of Science Fiction, Script Writing for Digital Humanities, Symbols Metaphors: Common Language of Writers-Artists, Science Fiction: Narrative of Logical Fantasy to name a few. She is also the curator of Interdisciplinary Literary Exhibition Medium is the Message, exhibited on 7th-9th May at Quetta Literary Festival, 10th-12th May at Sakardu Literary Festival. Minhas intends to write a Science fiction novel in the backdrop of Baloch landscape and explore how the genre of Sci-fi integrates with land of the nomads. Her work though been published in English has been translated in indigenous languages of Punjab and Balochistan

In Their Words

It was a wonderful opportunity to network with the scholars in your field and see how they are doing in other parts of the world. I made connections with some very interesting people who may be helpful to collaborate in research projects in the future.

Nadeem Saqlain, 2017 Awardee

I really appreciate having the possibility to chat with and hear all these wonderful people. This is not a vertical dynamic, we all were treated the same and that made possible for us students to talk with amazing academics and to have their comments on our work.

Silvia Agreda, 2014 Awardee

This conference experience will aid me in my future because it reminded me of the importance of learning from colleagues and building upon our strengths. I feel more confident that I can communicate effectively with fellow scholars from around the world.

Andrew Pratt, 2014 Awardee