Sony and Sony Global Education Develop a New System to Manage Students' Learning Data, Built on IBM Blockchain

  • 2017-08-09
  • Markets Insider

Japan today announced that Sony Corporation and Sony Global Education, a subsidiary of Sony that works to provide global educational services, have developed a new blockchain-based student education records platform. With the solution, school administrators can consolidate and manage students' educational data from several schools, as well as record and refer their learning history and digital academic transcripts with more certainty. The new platform, developed using IBM Blockchain, uses blockchain technology running on the IBM Cloud to track students' learning progress, as well as establish transparency and accountability of scholastic achievements between students and schools.

In a world where students often gain certifications from non-traditional methods -- online, in universities in different countries -- it is essential that they have a way to prove their qualifications. This platform will allow students and learners of all ages to carry with them a digital, trusted record of their achievements that can be easily and quickly verified by any future employers or educational institutions.