The Process

1 Submit an Article

To begin the process, complete our Journal Article Submission Form. This will provide our staff with contact details for the authors, and details about the article submission, such as title, abstract, keywords, etc. After submitting the form, you will receive instructions for providing your complete article submission. Please read our Article Requirements and ensure your article is ready to submit. Submitted articles are inspected to ensure these requirements are satisfied. After passing initial checks, your article will move into peer review.

2 Gather Feedback

The peer review process is dependent on each person who submits an article for peer review to also participate in the review of other articles. Authors of article submissions which have qualified to enter the peer review process also qualify to be selected as reviewers for other articles currently in peer review. More information about the peer review process is listed under our Peer Review Policies page. Each article is assigned to two reviewers with editorial experience and/or relevant expertise. After your article is reviewed, you will receive the reviewers’ feedback and a publication decision.

Learn More about the Article Publication Process

3 Publish Your Work

Once your article has passed peer review, we will help you through the final steps toward publication, such as membership confirmation, the publishing agreement, and copy editing. Please note, while you do not need to be a Research Network Member to submit an article for consideration or to have an article peer reviewed, you must become a Research Network Member to receive a Publishing Agreement and have the article published. During these final steps, you may also elect to publish your article Open Access. After these final steps, your article will be published in Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal.

Rolling Deadlines

You can submit your article at any time throughout the year. The rolling submission deadlines, corresponding with the publication of journal issues, are as follows:

Submission Timeline

Submission Round 1 15 January
Submission Round 2 15 April
Submission Round 3 15 July
Submission Round 4 15 October